"Conductor Brian DeMaris... enforced spirit and shrewd pacing." - Star Tribune

"Brian DeMaris' excellent conducting of the ensemble superbly negotiates Sondheim's complex score..." - Syracuse New Times

"[The orchestra] sounded terrific under DeMaris' direction." - Pioneer Press

"DeMaris polished the singing and the orchestral accompaniment until it sparkled. I've never heard the orchestra sound better, as under DeMaris' baton." - Broom Arts Mirror

"The biggest treat of the evening for Puccini lovers may well be the orchestra under DeMaris, bringing those torrents of melody almost literally to the heavens." - Ithaca Times

“Conductor Brian DeMaris un-leashes Portman’s music with a poised, flowing line and a lift that provides the evening’s current…”- The Ithaca Journal

“Brian DeMaris conducted the quartette with great sensitivity. Mr. DeMaris's skillful phrasing supported the singers and quite miraculously he managed to conquer the dry

acoustics of the black box theater.” -

“Even on the strictly musical level, the tiny orchestra (under the baton of Brian DeMaris) may reveal details of Puccini's score less audible to listeners in an opera house.” - C-Ville

“The singers in the production form a tight ensemble under the meticulous musical direction of Brian DeMaris” - The Ithacan

"The orchestra was equally impressive...  the whole hall was filled with Mozart’s splendid music... and the conducting was dazzlingly enthusiastic, a show to watch in and of itself." - Cornell Daily Sun